Block Rotary Saw

The Pinnacle Block Saw is a single bladed, carousel style saw, specifically intended at increasing output piece count for stringer and block pallet manufacturing.
The design allows for multiple block sizes and
adjustments for block lengths to be done effortlessly.

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Edger Light

The Edger light is a small and robust machine and perfect
for any recovery line. The precision machined spacers allow
for high and continuous accuracy. The Edger can process
boards from 19 to 100 mm making it a truly versatile
machine. Key features include:
• Heavy duty steel frame
• Optional in and out feed systems
• Quick and easy maintenance
• Can rip up to 100 mm 

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Pinnacle Log Scanner and Sorter

The new E-Tally log scanner and sorter from Pinnacle allow for accurate scanning of a sawmill or lumber yards’ log intake or throughput. Key features of the Scanner and Sorter include:
• Record log length, thickness, processed time and date
• Live view and or store the log data for historical viewing.
• Data automatically backed up to internal storage during a power outage
• Remote viewing capability of production figures
• Generate reports of log data.
• Ability to stream to an SQL server 

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Horizontal Finger Jointer

The horizontal finger joint machine has three main sections:
• The infeed is magazine loaded onto a slat chain conveyor; material passes the first profile head and then is cross-fed piece by piece to the second profiling head.
• The boards then pass the glue head and then cross fed onto the crowding table.
• From there the now joined pieces are fed through to the press – cross cut to length and then hydraulically pressed to finish the
Key features include:
• Continuous feed
• Horizontal fingers for aesthetics
• 15 Kw twin profile cutters for high piece count 

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Multirip Light

The Multirip Light is capable of sawing a cant into multiple boards while maintaining accuracy and precision of the boards
produced. Along with high accuracy comes an excellent finish to the product produced. The sturdy build and high quality finish of
the components allow for a continuous operation while
maintaining accuracy. Key features include:
• Pneumatic hold downs
• Heavy duty steel frame
• Optional in and out feed systems
• Quick and easy maintenance 

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Pallet Stringer Machine

The Pinnacle Pallet Stringer Machine is a merge between our Pusher Cross Cut and a Nailing Station.
The machine can easily be set for various size stringers
and with the touch of a button switched between 3 or 4 block pallets, as well as between double or single
stringers. Up to 500 stringers can be assembled with in an hour utilizing only one operator and an assistant.
Key features include:
• Continuous Production
• Customizable sizes 

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Pusher Crosscut

The Pusher Crosscut saw is a high-speed and accurate saw
aimed at increasing your production throughput. The key features of the Pusher Crosscut saw include:
• Measurement of incoming timber lengths
• Front and back end trimming
• Single or multiple board sawing
• Fixed length sawing
• Optimization of fixed lengths
• Optional Auto Load Deck for feeding

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Pinnacle Stacker

The Pinnacle stacking line is aimed at improving the efficiency of the stacking and drying of timber. This is achieved through the uniformity of the stack and stickers, which in turn maximizes kiln capacity and
air flow. The line can be customized for various lengths, widths, and
thicknesses of timbers. The following features can be added:
• Even Ending rollers
• Trim Saws for various lengths
• Customizable stack heights

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Tilt hoist De-stacker

The tilt hoist enables the user to automate the feed process
of a stack of timber, into a line for further processing. A
simple yet effective solution to integrate continuous feed of timber into a system.
Our standard tilt hoist has a stack limit of 3m x 1.2m x 1.2m.
The modular design means larger or smaller stacks can be easily accommodated.
Pinnacle does a full range of stackers and de-stackers for all stack sizes.

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Trim Saw

The Trim Saw is an excellent cross cut when a lot of same
length pieces are needed out of longer lengths. The robust design allows for continuous accuracy and efficiency.
unlocking the head and shifting it with the rack and pinion system. Key features include:
• Multiple blade heads can be fitted
• Rapid re-positioning of blade heads
• Modular design allows for customer
specific machines 

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